A New Approach for Business: Integrating Impact and Profit

In Theory

In the newly developing field of social business (or, rather, business that is socially and environmentally responsible), there is often a dichotomy created where the social and environmental objectives of the corporation are perceived to compete with its fiscal objectives.   While this competition may exist when the company defines its fiscal objectives as a short term proposition, we believe that there is no such trade-off in the medium and long-term. Mountain Lion Agriculture believes that a company’s success in meeting its social and environmental objectives determines its profitability and achieving the former leads to achieving the latter, necessarily.   The more rice we sell, for example, the more support small farmers get and food security increases in the country as a result.   From a historical perspective, this is not a new way at all, but a return to the original and founding principles of capitalism.  Certainly in the context of contemporary business practices, it represents a new approach for business, a way of structuring the delivery of goods and services that serves to benefit all of the stakeholders involved, in the medium and long-term.