About Us: The Mountain Lion Community

Our company has a vision of development for Sierra Leone that makes great business sense: create a national brand for the domestic market that will benefit consumers, producers and communities through a multi-faceted famer support business. Mountain Lion Brand Rice is helping local producers reach their potential and is superior in nutrition and taste to imported rice.

A Unique Business Model

Our business model hinges upon the notion that benefits for consumers and suppliers can be achieved in a way that enhances our company’s profitability, resiliancy and human dignity. There is a strong business case for our work: Sierra Leone currently imports approximately 20-30% of its basic staple, rice, though it was an exporter before its decade long civil war. Agriculture is still the main employer – around 70% of people work in the sector, most as small-holders.

Our mission is therefore to profitably displace lower quality rice imports in Sierra Leone with a higher quality, competitively priced domestic brand that benefits local people. Our innovative approach comes from an understanding that we operate in an integrated series of relationships that are all essential for success in our environment.

Benefits To Consumers

Benefits to consumers include superior value, nutrition and taste. The variety we use and our unique processing produces a nutrient rich whole grain product. We aim to achieve rapid market capture and consumer loyalty.

Benefits For Farmers

Our unique approach benefits the farmers we work with by helping to increase their productivity and income through end-to-end support. This includes transport, crop inputs, machine rentals and technical training. Far from being a liability, this increased support our farmers ultimately increases control over supply and profitability by creating multiple revenue streams.