Our Approach

A Sierra Leonean-Built Milling Business

The mainstay of Mountain Lion Agriculture is our locally-designed and produced rice mill supported by the sub-components of a large farm for direct supply, as well as a sales/rental business which provides small-holder farmers (who supply us with raw paddy rice) the tools they need at a cost they can afford.

Loyalty Program for Farmers

The most critical factor in the success of our company is a reliable supply of high quality raw paddy for processing. To achieve this, we interweave support for small farmers and their families into our operations through our unique loyalty program.

The loyalty program includes:

  • free training from a global leader in agriculture advisory services
  • free transportation of paddy rice to our mill
  • discounts on the seed loans our company provides to farmers
  • the provision of ID cards
  • supporing our farmers’ community – for instance, in 2011 we upgraded the local maternity clinic

The loyalty program also involves assisting our community with urgently needed services such as the materinity clinic we upgraded in 2011.

Extra Support For Farmers

Farmers will also be supported through a participatory payment structure which allows them to share in additional profits, and they will be encouraged to purchase shares in the business so that they eventually become its owners – offering an exit strategy for initial investors.

Building Relationships in the Community

By developing a unique relationship with farmers based on cooperation, fairness, direct participation in the Business (including equity), and the benefits of our loyalty program, Mountain Lion Agriculture ensures a high volume of consistent inputs by being a positive force in the community.

Please see below for our company theme, written by our local staff for farmer meetings and trainings. It captures the spirit and passion with which we work!