Our Products

Our company’s primary product is parboiled “country” red grain rice. We focus on growing and buying locally preferred and sourced varieties that have a rich flavour profile and high nutritional content. Currently these include PaKiamp, Pa Bunch and ROK 3. These varieties are slightly reddish, slightly softer and less fibrous then imported varieties, and are generally preferred throughout West-Africa. They contain higher amounts of iron, protein and amino acids than the other varieties available in the market.

Our research and development program has identified these varieties, so far, as providing the greatest yields (while also meeting market demands for taste and nutrition). Our program is continually searching for and testing varieties (which, once identified, are distributed to local farmers).

We offers these varieties in 5kg, 25kg and 50kg bags, both to retailers and wholesalers – see Our Trader Support Program (active link) for more information about our sales or feel free to contact us directly.